Product Philosophy

Product Philosophy

Live life to the fullest

Inspire for greatness

Feel good about who they are and

Empower you to take control of their lives

Life is enhanced by our senses. Sasy n Savy has developed a Native Australian Natural Skin Care & Wellbeing Range that allows you to fully experience LIFE to Live, Inspire, Feel good and to be Empowered in order to bring out the rose in you.

A rose is symbolic of love, beauty and youth.

The Sasy n Savy name is unusually spelt to encourage people to think outside the square. The Rose Logo is fluid embodying the essence of what we represent and the company name Sasy n Savy.

Sasy N Savy products are produced from Australian plants, herbs and flower extracts. Combined with the advance of science, the products that are safe, effective and gentle that care for you, your skin and your environment.
All our product ingredients are derived from 100% Natural Australian sources that are high in vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients that are vital for healthy skin cell growth. There are no harmful chemicals, colours, preservatives or synthetic ingredients.
Sasy N Savy offers an extensive range of products which cover your body, face, hair and general wellbeing.