Skin Advice

Skin Advice


Dry Skin
Skin feels tight and dry
No oily t-zone
Skin shows signs of photo-ageing (i.e. wrinkles)
Skin may feel flaky and/or rough
Skin tends to be thin and appears dull

Normal to Dry Skin
Cheeks are dry and skin sometimes feels tight
Small blackheads are visible on the nose & chin
Minimal oily t-zone, usually found on nose only
Skin gets dehydrated easily

Normal to Oily Skin
Cheeks may be oily or dry
By the end of the day T-zone gets oily and small blackheads are visible in this area.
Some dead skin builds up and skin is dehydrated
Occasional breakouts

Oily Skin
Cheeks and/or face are oily with open pores
Within hours of cleansing T-zone gets oily
Dead skin may build up with bumps under the surface of the skin
Blackheads are visible
Breakouts are frequent
Skin has a tendency to be thicker

Acne Problem Skin
Soon after cleansing face becomes oily
A mature skin that was once oily
Visible blackheads, whiteheads and open pores
There may be inflammatory lesions and scarring
Problems may also occur on the back, neck or chest
Skin may become red

Environmental factors may aggravate skin
Skin is reactive to sun, extreme temperature changes, cosmetics, perfumes, etc
Skin may experience burning sensations, rashes and become easily irritated
There may be permanent diffused redness particularly on cheeks, chin & nose
Skin has a tendency to being thin and may scar easily
Skin could show signs of ageing
Can be congested and blemished